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Good Friends I Have, Good Friends I Lost (Bayombong, Bayombong Half Of My Heart Is In Bayombong)

The most pathetic moments had begun I would abandon my lovely,silly buddies and I was not willing to abandon them. Their moments with me will be the unforgotten. I miss my memories when I talked, shared, mocked, bullied with my buddies. Dear, Tina, Kate, Queen, Juna, Neil, Ina, Geg, Brix, and the others, I will always miss you, love you, thank you so much thank you for your support, guidance, favor, thank you for everything. I don't know how to reveal my sense because I'm crying moaning our moments there in Inang Maria, Saint Mary's, Solano, Lower Magat, Robinson, Mc Do 😢😢😢
Especially to ma'am Matet, ma'am Liberty, and miss Alexa, they are the true multitasking women. I'm so ashamed because I did not do the best and I sometimes bothered them in their office because of my teaching's problem and others business.

I believe we can be together and meet again in another chance, thank you Philippines, thank you Saint Mary's, thank you Bayombong.

One expres…

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